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Yeah, the Shane stuff is kind of all over the place. I think we may need a rewatch/4x11 to make more sense of it? If it helps, my initial low has become much higher :P

There was some brilliance within this episode, the 3x05 parallels, the 3x22 parallels. There was so much there I loved character-wise. This was a character-develoment episode through and through.

There was also a lot I’m just like “You missed an golden opportunity there writers” for even more development. If this episode was JUST all of them sitting around a table, or in the science room arguing and finally airing things out it would’ve been amazing. Long rant that addresses nothing of importance ahead, probably unpopular amongst the opinions going around….

Feel free to not read this, I just started typing and it all came out haha

I think one of the issues was I felt like the episode was over before it began, it felt like they kept building up to these large issues being brought to the surface and then were just like “Nope, not gonna talk about them haha”. This episode was supposed to be about bringing all these issues out in the open, and then it just ignored them completely.

I guess I just had some hopes that didn’t pan out, namely I want Elena to start looking into the sire-bond herself. I really wanted her to just look at Rebekah and say “Do you know anything about sire-bonds” even if Rebekah didn’t answer I just want her looking. Even when Rebekah asks her what she thinks about sire-bonds she refused to answer because it would lead to the fact that she’s in love with Damon. I don’t want her to keep saying “This might be the sire-bond BUT its how I feel” I want her actively trying to understand what a sire-bond is and how that differs from her relationship with Damon. She owned her feelings of love for Damon, there’s no denying that, I just hated the line before that about the sire-bond. Yes those are her feelings, no they’re not the sire-bond, but I want her to understand WHY!

I’ll admit, my favorite scene isn’t the “I Love You” scene, its the scene in the library. Elena discussing how Stefan looks at her like a “broken-toy” and how he makes her feel like she is a “problem that needs to be fixed”¬†broke my heart. Not only did it show her pain, it showed Stefan just how wrong he’s been, it showed Caroline just how wrong she’s been. It reminded them that even with the sire-bond Elena still feels, she still knows what they’re saying about her behind her back and that it hurts her. I hated that she needed to be compelled to say these things, because she deserved to say them, but Elena has been someone who’s so scared of losing anyone that she’s willing to forgive them any sin so I doubt she would say them on her own. Stefan and Caroline have been treating her horribly since the sire-bond discovery and they needed to see that.

I thought Stefan’s complete selfishness when dealing with the idea of erasing his memories of Elena all together, floored me at first. Then I stopped to think about it, and its completely in character. Stefan Salvatore doesn’t like to feel even the slightest amount of pain, and having Elena, the girl he defined as a moral angel be in love with his demonic brother would kill him. He defined himself and his goodness by Elena’s love for him, if a ‘perfect’ girl like her loved him it meant he was good. Now that Elena loves Damon, what does that say about Stefan and his self-worth? He’s not thinking about Elena, how hurt she is that he could so easily give up all that they went through, he’s thinking about himself. There are many times when I sit there and think “My God Stefan you’re not actually a 17 year old teenager, you’re 163 years old. Grow up and stop acting like an immature adolescent”, this was one of those times for sure.

And Bonnie, oh my god Bonnie, open your eyes! She almost killed April because this man is teaching her the most dangerous magic in the world, which he forgot to mention to her, and she has no idea what she is doing! Giving her Qetsiyah’s bracelet/necklace proves in my mind that Bonnie is her descendant and that this will not end well for Bonnie (Emily’s crystal comes to mind). Shane managed to go through the whole entire episode without revealing a single detail we/Damon didn’t already figure out. The only difference now is that Rebekah and Kol know it too. I guess the one thing Damon doesn’t know is how with Silas the dead will rise too….

I totally agree with you about Damon inviting her up to the lake house is as much about showing her what this is going to take for the cure as it is about seeing her. It is obvious from the promo that she knows what is going on. She won’t approve, thus the deal with Klaus.

I too really want someone to finally ASK her about the cure. She tells Stefan she doesn’t want it if it means risking Jeremy’s humanity but no one has asked her since the sire-bond discovery what she wants. Is she actually willing to risk innocent people’s lives and Jeremy’s for the sake of destroying the sire-bond? This is why I want her actively searching out alternatives with the sire-bond. I want her taking more than just what she feels and other people’s words. I want her looking into the sire-bond, because how much does she really know? I’m curious about Damon’s approach with Jeremy as well.

Now we’ve got this rat race going for the cure, and no one is looking at the bigger picture. They’re all so caught up in chasing the rainbow they’re not seeing that what they find won’t be a pot a gold.

I guess I’m just scared for these characters and the dangers that are speeding down the road straight for them.¬†

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